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Lamborghini Reventòn

The Lamborghini Reventòn was presented at the Frankfurt 2007 car show, produced in small series since 2007 in only 20 specimens worth a million euros. It has a 6.5-liter 12-cylinder V engine with 650 hp. The car exceeds 330 k / h. The outer coating is made of CFC, a composite based on carbon fiber. The external components are glued and fixed to the Reventòn chassis in CFC and steel. The name Reventon comes from a fighting bull of Don Rodriguez's family, famous for killing in 1943 the bullfighter Felix Guzman.
Scala model 1:10
Model measurements  46 x 22 x 11 cm
Weight 1,6 kg
Materials used:
  • Swiss pine wood bodywork
  • Plexiglass windows
  • Rubber tires
  • Microfiber interior
Processing phases
It always start with large boards
glued together. This is Cembran pine
also known as stone pine.
Proper and punctilious planing
ensures that one is halfway through
the work.
Chisels and gouges help shape the model.
Having carved out the exterior and
hollowed out the entire interior, we
have the bodywork in hand almost
in its entirety.

It is the turn of the doors.
The front hood.
The placement of the front
headlights also carved from wood.

Here the Reventòn air extractor is
being sculpted, which will then ge
painted metallic black.
The extractor to be finished and the
details of the rear air intakes
positioned just below the
The dashboard and steering wheel
in stained wood and the interior
upholstered in microfiber.
The microfiber upholstered seats.
The engine made partly of wood
and partly of milled and painted

I used wax to make a mold where I
would pour resin to form the wheel
It was not at all easy to turn rubber
from solid, bud the smell of it feels
like a real tire in your hand.
An overview of some of the pieces
that make up the model ready tote
assembled, painted, treated and
some of them glued.
After several months of work a healthy contemplation at the finish line.

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