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Jaguar E-Type

The Jaguar e-type , was produced by the British automaker Jaguar from 1961 to 1075.
The e-type was a revolutionary car by desing , he was ahead of his time. Designed by Malcom Sayer and unveiled at the Geneva motor show. Inline 6 cylinder engine, displacement about 4000cc, power 265 hp, 4speed
trasmission, speed 240 km/h.
Scala model 1:8
Model measurements 56 x 24 x 14 cm
Weight 7,0 kg
Materials used:
  • Cembro pine wood bodywork
  • Plexiglass Windows
  • Rubber tires
  • Aluminium wheels
  • Real leather upholstery

Processing phases
Good work always begins with precise and
laborious planning.
We always start with the choice of raw
material. Cembro pine wood cut into blocks
and assembled to make up the various parts.
After drawing the traces you begin to cut and
run the gouge and chisel.
After drawing the traces you begin to cut and
run the gouge and chisel.
Here the nose of our jaguar is beginning to

Finishing stages with chisel.
Here we at a good point. polished properly and
with the dimensions very close to the final
shape of 1:8.
Let’s start assembling some pieces.
We also add the snout and check that
everything fits, size and dimensions.
The size of the seats is also to be confirmed
pending later upholstery in red leather.
Some drawings for the front grame and
Carved into the wood, the engine also takes
shape. i have placed a 1 euro coin side by
side to give an idea of the size of the details.
Before being painted, the various
components must be assembled to check
their overall dimensions and
measurements. from the photographs it is
not easy and straightforward to find the
dimensions for the final result.
Once it is verified that everything is in
place, we move on to painting.
the brass frame with the shocks and
suspension arm also awaiting painting.
here we begin to taste the result.
The exhaust pipes with associated silencers
are made of flame-treated aluminum.
here we start with the leather upholstery of
the various parts of the passenger
Of the seats, the various pieces of leather are
first cut and then placed using a special glue.
The interior and exterior handles are really a
micro workmanship, all done by hand.

In my hands look at how small these handles
are, all strictly mirror-polished aluminum, like
all the other accessories that shine in the car.
this is glass lift handle. now as I fili in this
page it doesn’t seem real that icould have
done this.
The same excitement about the aluminum
windshield wiper also.

Of aluminum bumpers all milled, filed and
polished to a mirror finish
We are grappling with the construction of
the rims and el hub which are drilled with
0,6 mm drill bits for a total of 144 holes.

The purpose of all these holes is to
accomodate the spokes which make up
the rim.
The spokes are stainless steel and the hub as well as the rim are aluminum.
The end result is very truthful. I like. In the end I counted 1500 hours of work.

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