Craftsmanship of excellence
Woodmodelcar by GIO
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Giuseppe Cascio, better known by his name Gio, was born in Sicily where he spent the first two years of his life.
He has worked as a mechanical designer and for some years he has worked as a field
instructor in Lombardy where he still resides. He soon finds out psychological psychology, and after various readings and studies in various centers, he comes to the Psychosynthesis of Roberto Assagioli in Varese. His passion for photography is that he will become his work until 2010. He then goes into a period of reflection and ceases to make the photographer devoted himself to the construction of supercar wooden models. How this has happened is still to be discovered, it is actually that browsing a car magazine looks at a photograph of a supercar the 'Lamborghini Reventon'. It was a blow. He was immediately put to work to engineer the process of developing and building the first model, aided and supported by his wife Enza. It therefore constructs a small home-based workshop where it will start building other models by perfecting the technique and applications related to its works, in order to facilitate their realization as much as possible to meet the artist's own desires. The models built were not chosen by him, but he was chosen by them, conforming the artist according to subjective ability. Adapt this art to its aspirations, instead of subjecting its limitations. All the works are built entirely by hand with solid wood carved and modeled using chisels, abrasive knives and abrasives. Each model is unique that can not be duplicated if it does not achieve another of the same features but certainly not identical. Any imperfections are evidence of a craftsmanship of excellence. A beeswax protects the wood while emitting its aroma. For the realization, the artist was exclusively based on photographs and sometimes when possible on orthogonal drawings downloaded from internet.

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